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Floor Washes


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Floor washes have been used by many cultures to spiritually cleanse a home or business and are believed to help enhance spells when an area is thoroughly clean—especially from energies which may have been tracked in on the shoes. This wash may also be used in a spray bottle as a purifying mist.

Bare Floor Directions: Clean your floors as normal. Dump dirty water to the South. Mix 1-2 caps of floor wash into a gallon of water and rinse floors. Pour remnants into drains to cleanse your home from within.

Carpet Directions: With positive thoughts and intentions, sprinkle on carpets and rugs in your home or business. Allow the blend of botanicals to sit for at a minimum of 10 -15 minutes—overnight if you feel inclined. Vacuum as usual.

Banishing – Will banish all negativity and evil spirits from your home or office.
Blessing – Our Blessing Magickal Carpet Wash contains a hand-picked herbal blend within a natural odor control baking soda base to aide in drawing blessings to your environment.
Success – Used to find more success in love, with finances or with your family, and or anything needing more success in your life.
Protection – To protect yourself from evil and harm.
New Home – Is to clean new of all previous negative or bad energy and make it yours.
Flea and Tick Removal – It helps with flea and tick removal .
Four Thieves Vinegar Water – Commonly used in bathing rituals for protection, banishing, and repelling negative energy.

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Weight 5 oz
Dimensions 2 × 2 × 5 in

Blessing, Banishing, Success, Protection, New Home, Flea and Tick Removal, Four Thieves Vinegar Water


Bare Floor, Carpet


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